Lawn is a natural turf cover of perennial grasses.  

Rolled lawn is an important component in the artificial design of the square. The advantage of a ready-made lawn is its high quality and the possibility to put the territory into the proper condition in the shortest time.

Rolled lawn is grown in a special nursery bed. It takes a few years. 

After germination and a proper care, the top layer with the ground is carefully cut, without damaging the root system. The cutting is carried out by means of special equipment, and then the finished coating is delivered to the customer's territory. 

Depending on application the lawns are divided into: sports, special-purpose and decorative lawns (general-purpose, meadow and ordinary).

General-purpose lawn (park) is a typical English lawn of narrow-leaved grass. Such a lawn dominates in the arrangement of a large number of park and garden areas. It performs a decorative function and is used to emphasize the majesty of a building or a single planted tree.

The mixtures of grass, which under poor weather conditions grow well, are durable, have the picturesque grass cover and are economical in use, are applied for such a kind of lawns.

Sports lawn is absolutely specific lawn which is used to cover football fields, training and playgrounds. It is characterized by slow growth of the grass and its increased resistance to trampling. It recovers quickly, resistant to drought, frost-resisting and has a very high tensile strength.

For sports lawns special grass mixtures have been developed, so that the lawn does not crumple and withstand heavy loads.  



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