torffoto1Peat is compliant with RST USSR 1959-85

Peat is a unique biological material with special properties, even structure. This is an organic compound formed during the decomposition of humus and plants. As a product of plant processing, it can include separate parts of trees and shrubs, grass and flowers.

Peat improves soil due to its composition and has the following properties: retains water, ventilates heavy clay soils, binds sandy soils, decreases leaching, protects soil, improves the quality of compost, releases CO2 that is very important when growing plants in greenhouses.

The main purpose of peat is to improve the chemical and physical characteristics of soil. The organic material contributes to the increase of nutrition, air permeability of soil and the correction of its microbiological state.

It is used for partial and full replacement of natural soil, for example, if there are many stones, sand or clay on the site.

Peat is also used as a substrate under a fertile layer.

Peat has become widespread when growing flowers and vegetable crops under closed conditions (in greenhouses, hotbeds, etc.).

Peat is usually mixed with sand of large fractions in a proportion of 3:1 to improve the structure.

Peat is introduced into the ground with mineral organic elements (organic extracts, bird droppings, dung and other fertilizers). 

Quality characteristics:

Name of parameter Standard
Acidity, рН (Н2О)   3,5 – 4,5
Moisture, %    up to 65
Organic substances, %    90 - 93
Water retention capacity, %      1000
Impurities (timber residues, pieces of peat of more than 60 mm), %   up to 10,0
Nitrogen (total), %   0,5–1,1
Phosphorus Р2О5, %   0,1–0,2
Potassium К2О, %  0,01–0,05
Magnesium МgО, %  0,01–0,03
Calcium СаО, %  0,02–0,15
Ferrum Fe, %  0,05–0,1
Decay degree, %  up to 15
Conductivity ЕС, mS/cm2  0,1–0,15
Fraction, mm 0-50, 0-30



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