Seeds of decorative plants

We have a wide range of seeds of various types of decorative plants of the largest manufacturers of seeds from Italy, Germany, France, the USA, Holland, Japan, Ukraine and Russia.

The decorative plants will become a rich adornment of flowerbed, pave the garden with a dense carpet, bring comfort and benefit to the house. Both for live fence and for a quiet cozy corner under the shade of decorative trees.

When choosing the plants in shape, height and color properly, you can create a unique garden that will delight your eyes every day.

Among our range there are:

  • Decorative house plants (will be an adornment with their blossom and please you with their fruits);
  • decorative plants for garden (will allow to create borders, patterns and flowerbeds).

All the seeds have been tested for purity of variety, germination and vigor in the State Inspection. Therefore, you can be assured of the highest quality of our products.

Seeds of good-mood quality is:

High germination.

Following the proper care of the seeds, you can quickly observe their germination. Our seeds are guaranteed to grow and blossom on your plot or in flower pots. The main thing is to follow the instructions carefully, and the result will not make you wait a long time;

  • A qualitative seed treatment against diseases and pests.

The products are treated with reliable impregnations, safe for health of people and animals, but killing for insects that infect germs;

  • Strong and flat sprout.

This indicator is a key to the blossom of magnificent flowers that will please your eyes;

  • Easy sowing.

Following the instructions properly, even a novice can sow the seeds.

The decorative plants can be sown all year round. But the best time for this is spring. Most of grains have a hard shell that prevents germination. Also, some kinds of them have a long dormancy period during which the seeds “rest”.  Therefore, in order to speed up the process of their germination, several methods are used:

  1. Stratification - cold treatment of seeds;
  2. Scald and soaking – heat treatment of seeds;
  3. Scarification is breaking of a shell of each seed mechanically.



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