vermicompost«VERMICOMPOST», dry, TU U 20.1-40838977-001:2017.

Vermicompost is eco - friendly and organic fertilizer with the balanced ratio of macro- and microelements, with high bioactivity providing long-term effect and created by the method of biotechnological recycling of organic livestock wastes by earthworms.

VERMICOMPOST contains the whole balanced complex of essential nutrients and microelements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth and development hormones of plants. There is a great quantity of humic substances in it. It is also a microbial fertilizer that contains a unique community of microorganisms providing soil fertility. This fertilizer is easily and gradually assimilated by plants during their life cycle and is used in any soils and any season.  

VERMICOMPOST contains no pathogens, helminth eggs, pathogenic protozoan cysts, the larvae of synanthropic flies and weed seeds.

This organic fertilizer is used for growing of plants of all types of agricultural crops, flowers, fruit, decorative and berry crops, for growing of sprouts of all types of vegetable, flower and berry crops, for decorative pottery plants, for creating of decorative lawns as well as improving of agrochemical properties of soil in all climatic zones. This fertilizer is intended for using in farming, farm and backyard plots as well as creating of artificial soils in the sands. When using artificial irrigation it is possible to obtain up to 3 and more crops.

Quality characteristics:

Name of characteristic
Units of
 Humidity % 30-50
 Acidity index PH 6,2-8,2
Organic substances  % 50-70
 Humic substances  % 25-45
 Ash content % 35-70
 Mineral substances:
 N % 0,9-2,2
 P2O5 % 1,0-3,0
 K2O % 1,0-2,0
 CaO % 0,5-2,4
 Mg % 0,7-2,2
 Fe % 0,6-2,2
 Mn mg/kg 60-80




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