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It is impossible to imagine the modern landscape without trees and shrubs. Even a garden is not only flowers and fruit trees; in garden compositions ornamental plants are widely used, the variety of species and varieties of which boggles the imagination. Very often they are used for design of parks, squares, rest areas and other plots of urban and homestead areas.

Most plants are grown for their blossom, but some of them have an unusual foliage, evergreen needles and decorative fruits. In ornamental gardening the important thing is the shape of the plant and its size. Even if the plot is not large, it is not the reason to refuse from tree and shrubby species -  because among them you can choose something suitable almost for any conditions, climate, area of the plot and garden style.

These are rose plants, berry shrubs, ornamental, pine and fruit trees, perennial flowers and exotic plants. All the range of which includes the best representatives of domestic and foreign selection. The offered plants are one- year-old, which has a positive effect on acclimatization during prolonged transportation and transplantation, plants painlessly get used to a new place.

As a rule, perennial ornamental plants require very little: a properly selected place for planting and a tender care. Some trees and shrubs are easily cut (for example, box tree) and can be used to create living fences and shapes.

Basically, two types of young plants are used:

 Naked-rooted young plants

They are very popular. You can choose them if a durable transportation is not expected.

 Container – grown young plants 

They are used if you have not much time to take care of your plant. Such crops have a closed root system, which guarantees that they will definitely get used to a new place.

  When planting plants, it should be considered, that the younger the plant, the faster and better it takes root. The longer and more branching roots of young plants, the better they grow. The best time for planting is spring and mid autumn.  



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